Mainstream Fiber Networks Celebrates Completion of 120 Mile Long Fiber Network

Mainstream Fiber Networks is proud to announce that we have built over 120 miles of fiber optic cable infrastructure throughout Harrison County.  This includes both our mainline project as well as several adjoining neighborhoods that had high participation in our interest survey.  Because of this, we are now able to provide our services to approximately [...]

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Announcing Follow the Fiber!

Beginning on Wednesday, July 25th next week, and concluding on August 1st, Mainstream Fiber is organizing a scavenger hunt in Harrison County called "Follow the Fiber". What is "Follow the Fiber?"  Well, you may have noticed our trucks and workers all along Harrison County, building a fiber optic infrastructure, this has all been to finish [...]

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A Brief History of Fiber

You may be shocked to hear this, but fiber optics have existed since the late 1800s, of course they were nowhere near as sophisticated as their modern form.  It stared with extremely humble roots, being nothing more than bent glass tubes which were used to illuminate difficult to see areas during medical procedures.  However, in 1880 Alexander Graham [...]

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What’s the big deal with fiber optic internet?

What does "fiber optic" mean? Fiber optic cables are a bundle of thin glass threads, also known as the fibers, which can quickly and easily transport light waves.  Messages and information can be modulated onto these light waves, which allows fiber optic cables the ability to transmit data, this is essentially how fiber optic [...]

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100% Fiber to Your Home

The benefits of a complete fiber connection Fiber internet runs about five times faster than other internet sources and provides a variety of benefits to users. But did you know that not all fiber connections are 100% fiber cables? Fiber can be installed in a variety of ways including fiber to the neighborhood, fiber [...]

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Connect… Connecting… Connected

Rural high speed internet isn’t for the birds Do you have trouble connecting with your kids, your spouse, your parents, your community, maybe even your job? Trust us, we know connection is a concern, especially when it comes to reliable internet access. We once had a customer tell us that they would drive (daily) to [...]

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