Mainstream Service Available in Fowler and Oxford

Benton County, Indiana residents in Oxford and Fowler can now sign up for fiber optic internet service with Mainstream Fiber Networks. Mainline construction was completed in Next Level Connection zones in the county in November 2021. New construction on expansion zones in Oxford and Fowler areas are complete, and residents in these towns can now sign up for fast, reliable fiber-optic internet.

These new expansion zones provide broadband connectivity to over 400 households.

When Mainstream Fiber Networks was awarded its Next Level Connections grant to expand its fiber optic network in Benton County, the area was ranked 91st in broadband service out of Indiana’s 92 counties. This means that most of the residents did not have access to internet of at least 10 mbps download speed at an affordable rate. Now over 2500 households and 500 businesses in the county have access to gigabit speed fiber-optic internet.

Mainstream Fiber Networks regional office is located at 109 S. Grant Ave, Fowler, Indiana, 47499 and is open Monday through Friday from 8 AM until 5 PM to answer and questions that Benton County residents may have.