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How It Works

  • We rely on demand from our interest surveys to determine where the next expansions occur.

  • The more of your neighbors that complete this step, the sooner we can design a zone to fit your neighborhood.

  • If you have interested neighbors not located in a current zone, be sure to share the survey!

  • Zones that qualify with enough interest surveys are converted to the sign-up phase. This is the next step after showing you really want service in your neighborhood.

  • A goal is set for your zone and each neighborhood must reach enough sign-ups to qualify for the construction phase.

  • You will choose your package plan, sign the contract, and pay your deposit.

  • Once the required number of sign-ups has been reached, our installation team will begin building a fiber network along roadways to reach your home or business.

  • The exterior cable and network ID box will be installed on your property.

  • You will be contacted to schedule your interior installation once outside construction is complete.

Enjoy your new connection!

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