Fiber to the home

100% Fiber to Your Home

The benefits of a complete fiber connection

Fiber internet runs about five times faster than other internet sources and provides a variety of benefits to users. But did you know that not all fiber connections are 100% fiber cables? Fiber can be installed in a variety of ways including fiber to the neighborhood, fiber to the curb, and fiber to your home.

Fiber to the neighborhood 

Companies will install fiber cable up to the beginning of the neighborhood. From there, they connect the homes to the main fiber line using copper cables.

Fiber to the curb

This is similar to fiber to the neighborhood, although companies will install fiber closer to the properties. This keeps the connection stronger while still using just one fiber line. Copper cables are then placed from the mainline fiber cable along the street to the home.

Copper wires in these two types of fiber installations can slow down speeds or cause poor connection as they age.

Fiber to the home is a 100% fiber solution and the choice of Mainstream Fiber Networks.

We always provide 100% fiber cables wired directly into the business or residence. The process starts with the construction of a fiber backbone that runs along a main road. Once the main network of fiber is completed, Mainstream will directly a network fiber cables off of the backbone structure to individual homes. We know the impact fiber can have on the community and individual lives and are committed to using only fiber infrastructure, as opposed to any copper or coaxial telephone line cables.

Fiber optics provide the fastest, most reliable form of internet service. These cables operate using light instead of copper wire, meaning that fiber cables will not deteriorate as fast a copper and can be easily upgraded in the future as technology advances and internet speeds increase.

Fiber has a virtually unlimited bandwidth coupled with a long reach, making it ‘future safe,’ or a standard medium that will be in place for a long time to come.

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100% fiber will also eliminate some of the hassles of copper lines. Mainstream’s fiber is directly wired into your home meaning the phone service runs off of fiber as well. Direct wiring will significantly reduce static on phone lines, slowed internet speeds due to neighbors’ use, and loss of connection during bad weather.

Because the conductor is glass, it does not generate electricity, so fiber is immune to interference that can be caused by nearby power lines or high-voltage electrical equipment.

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