Warrick Mainline Route Map Now Available

At Mainstream, one of the most common questions we receive is “Are you coming to my area?”

Unfortunately, that’s not always a simple question to answer. Several factors go into determining where we run service, and after several months of planning, we have mapped our mainline route in Warrick County. The map of this first phase of service is available on our Warrick County page. It may be subject to minor changes based on extenuating circumstances that could arise. (Permitting, easements, construction roadblocks)

Warrick Zone Map

But what if my house isn’t on your route?

The current map shows our mainline route only. Before homes and businesses in the county can be connected, we have to complete sections of this primary infrastructure. If your address falls outside of the shaded zones, don’t worry! This does not mean we will not be coming to your area. It simply means that you might not be included in the earliest stages of construction.

We expand our services off of our mainline areas based on community interest. There is no set number of replies needed for each area, or “zone”, as we understand that in rural areas homes are more spread out. This is why it is imperative that anyone interested in service joins our list, and encourages neighbors to do the same. (There is no commitment to buy if you join the list; you’re simply saying “I live here and would like you to come to my neighborhood!”)

Ok, I see where you’re going, but when are you going to get there?

Another less-than-simple answer. Running fiber is complex and takes more time than connecting your home to an existing network via a traditional cable system. There are also possible roadblocks that could delay construction like permitting, easements, and inclement weather.

We understand that telling you “maybe we’ll come to your house” and “we don’t know when we’ll be there” may seem a little frustrating. We get it; as I write this I’m also anxiously awaiting our service coming to my neighborhood. What we can say for certain is that we are committed to bringing service to as much of Warrick County as we can, but this will take time. We understand the overwhelming need and are working diligently to help close the digital divide between rural and suburban/urban communities.

If you have joined our list and opted to receive email communications from us, watch your inbox for more information as our work progresses. Check our map for the most up-to-date information, and call 812.720.9423 or email info@msfiber.net with any questions.