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Interest Needed: 101

Want fiber internet?

Mainstream Fiber Networks expands our internet service to the places and communities that show the most interest.

Talk to your neighbors in the outlined area below, get them to show interest, and when 38 of your neighbors have taken the survey, we will build our fiber optic network out to you.

How it Works

  • We rely on demand from our interest surveys to determine where we should expand our network.
  • The more of your neighbors that complete this step, the sooner we can design a zone to fit your neighborhood!
  •  If you have interested neighbors not located in a current zone, be sure to share the survey! This shows a demand in their area for future expansion!
  • Zones that qualify with enough interest surveys are converted to the sign-up phase. This means that you can sign up for service and our team will begin to engineer your zone.
  • You will choose your package plan, sign the contract, and pay your deposit.
  • Our construction team will begin building a fiber network along roadways to reach your home or business, you will see trucks in your area, the network can be built aerially on poles, underground through trenches, or a combination of both.
  • The exterior cable and network ID box will be installed on your property and a fiber cable will be run to your home.
  • Installation traditionally can be done in 30 days or less, but there can sometimes be extenuating circumstances that increase the time.

For any questions or concerns please contact Jessica Thomas, Sales Manager. Reach her via e-mail at jadamson@msfiber.net or via phone at 812-720-9423 Ext. 1025