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The first step, of course, is to take our Quick Connect List.  The Quick Connect List is the first step to getting fiber, and we rely on it to design our zones and expand.  Traditionally before we can even think about breaking ground in your neighborhood, we need at least 75% of your neighbors to take our survey.  If you’re interested in getting fiber optic internet and haven’t joined yet, go do it, and then come back here!  If you have joined the list and still want to do more, then the following are all options that you have at your disposal:

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The easiest way to get involved and encourage your neighbors into taking the survey and qualifying your neighborhood for fiber is to spread the word on social media.  You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and like and share our posts.  All of our pages are regularly updated with interesting articles, videos, and photos to make sure you’re kept informed and up to date about all things Mainstream Fiber.  Circulating the content means more of your neighbors’ eyes will find it, and if they find it, they’re only a few short clicks away from taking our interest survey as well!

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Even better than sharing on social media, and equally as easy, is to ask for a yard sign at the end of the survey.  According to our surveys, our yard signs are  the thing that gets the most people’s attention and brings in the most surveys.  If you didn’t check the box at the end of your survey and still want a yard sign, that’s great, just call us at (844) 752 – 6736  or email us at info@msfiber.net and we’ll be sure to bring one out to you!

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Interested in a more hands on approach to talking with your neighbors?  We can provide you with educational and marketing materials such as brochures, door hangers, paper surveys, and more!  Just stop by either of our offices and they should be able to provide you with whatever materials you might need.

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Want to do even more?  Become a Mainstream Fiber champion!  Or, if your neighborhood already has a champion, reach out to them and see if you can assist them!  As a champion for Mainstream Fiber, you’ll be working directly with our marketing department who will provide you with the knowledge, training, and materials to help encourage your neighbors to sign up.

What exactly is a champion, and what do they do?  Watch the quick explainer video below!

If you’re unsure whether your neighborhood already has a champion or not, you can visit here to check, if there is one, feel free to contact them and collaborate with them, they will  undoubtably appreciate the help!

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Do you have our service and love it?  We’d love to hear about it!  A great way to spread the word and help others get our service is to write a review about it either on our Google page or on our Facebook!  Not only does it help others see and hear about us, but it also let’s us know what we’re doing right.

If you feel even more passionately about it, and would like to record a testimonial for us, that’s possible too.  We are currently hoping to film testimonials from our customers and use them on social media and our website.  If you’re passionate about our internet, or have a story about how having fast, reliable internet helped you, please contact us at info@msfiber.net!

Interested in getting fiber optic internet? We build our network based on interest, show us yours!

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