At Mainstream Fiber Networks, we are committed to bringing fast, reliable, and affordable internet to the under-served parts of Indiana.  This week, we are proud to announce that several neighborhoods throughout Harrison and Brown County are entering the sign up phase!  That means that if you live in those areas, you can sign up for internet service today, and be in the first round of installation when construction begins in your area!

The following areas have been moved into the sign up phase and area preparing for construction:

Harrison County:

Grange Hall

Racoon Creek Rd NE

Zoar Church NE

Brown County:

Hoover Rd

Lake LaSalle

Also, we are moving into Floyd County!  If you’re a resident of Floyd County and are interested in high speed fiber optic internet, please join our Quick Connect list to stay updated on the project, to be notified the moment construction starts in your area, and to hear about any limited offers!