Interested in getting fiber optic internet, but it’s not in your neighborhood yet?  Join the Quick Connect list!  The Quick Connect list is the easiest and best method to receive updates and communications from Mainstream Fiber, plus, when we construct our network, we construct around demand for our services, so the more people that join the Quick Connect list in your area, the faster you’ll get fiber.  That’s why it’s extremely important to join the list if you’re interested in getting fiber!  And if you can, tell your neighbors so that they can join as well!

Still not convinced?  If you join the Quick Connect list you’ll receive two additional benefits: you’ll receive an update the moment that you can sign up for service in your neighborhood, and also you’ll be notified of any limited offers that might come along.

How do you join the Quick Connect list?  Simple, just go here and fill out your information, or call our office at (844) 752-6736 and say you want to join the Quick Connect list!  If you’ve already taken our survey, sit back and relax, as you were already added to the list!