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1 Gbps download speed
100% Fiber to your Home

If you have seen our team along your road or have heard your neighbors raving about their new speeds, odds are that you already have service and are just a few steps away from joining our network!  You can call our office at (844) 752 – 6736 or click here to get connected!

What is the Quick Connect List?

It means that a group of neighbors in your zone have submitted their information early, are spreading the word, and are serious about getting connected!  Joining the Quick Connect List has many advantages:

First to receive notifications on zone progress

First to be notified when service is available

First to be notified of any new services offered

First to receive any applied discounts when they become available

Personalized time with our neighborhood consultant, who will walk you through the next steps

First to be connected – can take 90 – 120 days less than those who sign up after initial expansion

Proactive neighbors are the first to get connected

We expand our network into the neighborhoods that show the most interest first.  The easiest way to do that is to join the Quick Connect List and encourage your neighbors to do the same.  The more who join, the fastest we will get you connected!  Join the Quick Connect List today!