• Zero Buffering

  • Zero Frustrations

  • Speeds up to 1 GB

  • 100% Fiber to your Home

  • Over 125 Channels (Select Areas)

If you have seen our team along your road or have heard your neighbors raving about their new speeds, odds are that you already have service and are just a few steps away from getting connected!

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What is the Quick Connect List?

The group of neighbors in your zone who have submitted their information early, are spreading the word, and are serious about getting connected!

  • First to receive notifications on zone progress

  • First to be notified when service is available

  • First to be notified of any new services offered

  • Receives any applied discounts as soon as they are available

  • Personalized time with our neighborhood consultant, who will walk you through the next steps

  • First to be connected – can take 90-120 days less than those that sign up after the initial expansion

Proactive neighbors are the first to get connected.  We expand our network into the neighborhoods that show the most interest first.  Learn about the Quick Connect List in your area by selecting from your phase below.

Don’t know your current expansion phase?

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We use areas with the most interest expressed to determine where we expand next.  Learn about making the map and the Quick Connect List.

Mainstream Fiber Networks primarily expands service to neighborhoods with the most interest first.  In order to finalize engineering and begin construction, we require 57% interest from neighbors in the area to expand our network. Build your Quick Connect List.

Mainstream Fiber is actively working to complete engineering and design requirements to begin construction in the area.  Permits, easements, and various regulations must be acquired in order to streamline the construction and installation steps.  Customers will be contacted to complete their service order during construction as we work to complete construction of our mainline infrastructure and is taking orders for service when installations start.

Service is available and orders are being accepted.