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Step 1:

Show Your Interest

We rely on demand from our interest surveys to determine where we should expand our network. Customers can visit our website or call the office to take a short survey that shows where there is interest for fiber internet access. The survey lets us know there is demand in your area and the more demand there is, the more likely we are to expand to your area sooner. The more of your neighbors that complete this step, the sooner we can design a zone to fit your neighborhood!

Take the Survey

Step 2:

Complete the Sign-Up

We are expanding in your area, but before we can start building we need you to sign-up for service. Zones that qualify with enough interest surveys are converted to the sign-up phase. This is the next step after showing you really want service in your neighborhood. Signing-up is different from taking the survey. It shows us your commitment and holds your spot for service. A goal is set for your zone and each neighborhood must reach their target number of sign-ups to qualify for construction. Along with the sign-up, there is a $100 deposit that will be credited towards your installation fee. You will choose your package plan, sign the contract, and pay your deposit. Once we reach a predetermined number of sign-ups for your zone, we will be ready to start construction!



Step 3:


Enough people signed-up and paid their deposits, so we are ready to start building! In this phase you will sign and finalize your contract. Our installation team will begin building a fiber network along roadways to reach your home or business. We will be building our fiber backbone in your zone and connecting homes along the way. Fiber cable and the Network ID box  will be installed outside of your home and an interior appointment will be scheduled to install your router and battery backup.  This process usually takes 2-4 months.


Step 4:


Enjoy your new connection!