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Broadband Partnership Harrison County

Community impact

The Harrison County Community Foundation Real-Estate Supporting Organization (RESO) and Mainstream Fiber Networks are working together to provide approximately 115 miles of fiber optic cable to serve as the initial backbone for fiber optic communications and infrastructure for Harrison County. This Loop should provide access to approximately 8,900 homes and businesses by June 2019.

Fiber to the home, farm, business and beyond

Mainstream is excited to partner with the HCCF RESO board to provide the only 100% Fiber to the Home internet option in Harrison County. As a locally-owned and operated provider, we are committed to bringing a sustainable option to communities where broadband is limited. MSFN constructs and maintains all sections of our fiber network. An independent fiber line is directly connected to each home and business served.

Funding Partnership

MSFN will invest funds to provide high speed internet access to all homes and businesses who indicate the intent to pay for a connection. Residents and businesses along adjoining roadways will have available service as sections of the loop are completed and demand is demonstrated in each neighborhood.

MSFN will collect a $5.00 monthly Infrastructure Recovery Fee from every customer in Harrison County. 100% of this fee is directed to repay the funding provided by the RESO and Harrison County government.

To inquire about service in your area, give us a call or visit our location in Corydon!
Questions regarding the repayment fee can be directed to 812-720-9423.

Harrison County Community Foundation
1523 Foundation Way NE, P.O. Box 279, Corydon, IN 47112

Interested in getting fiber optic internet? We build our network based on interest, show us yours!

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