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Funding Partnership

Designed specifically with rural communities in mind, Mainstream Fiber Networks partners with local communities and governments to provide service to un-served and under-served areas.

Comprehensive Community Infrastructure

FTTX. We do not stop at the utility poles with our fiber.  Instead, we deliver the fiber from the pole, all the way to your business, school, or government office.  Smaller in-home businesses can also take advantage of an affordable high-speed connection that dramatically increases the speed and reliability for your office.

Advantages of Mainstream Fiber

  • We invest in your community

  • Create expansion plans with zones to target demand

  • Reliable fiber optic internet to your building

  • Solutions customized for you and your business

  • Proactive monitoring and troubleshooting of every system

  • Local office for support

Interested in getting fiber optic internet? We build our network based on interest, show us yours!

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