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Customer Appreciation Day Recap

On Wednesday September 5th, Mainstream Fiber Networks held its inaugural Customer Appreciation Day in Harrison County.  We decided to hold the event in order to show thanks for all of the Harrison County residents who have been there with us and helped us grow through these past couple years.  The event was a resounding success, with dozens [...]

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Internet with No Throttling or Data Limits

Several internet service providers around will advertise their incredible speeds, even us here at Mainstream Fiber, but the dirty little secret that many other service providers have is that although they do provide significant speed, that speed also comes with some baggage called data caps and throttling.  You may have seen it under the speed [...]

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Follow the Fiber Wrap Up

Today marks the end of Mainstream Fiber's Follow the Fiber event; an interactive scavenger hunt through Harrison County along our soon to be completed 115 mile mainline fiber loop. There were a number of different spots with QR codes scattered throughout Harrison County, and scanning the code brought you to a web page where you [...]

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Announcing Follow the Fiber!

Beginning on Wednesday, July 25th next week, and concluding on August 1st, Mainstream Fiber is organizing a scavenger hunt in Harrison County called "Follow the Fiber". What is "Follow the Fiber?"  Well, you may have noticed our trucks and workers all along Harrison County, building a fiber optic infrastructure, this has all been to finish [...]

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A Brief History of Fiber

You may be shocked to hear this, but fiber optics have existed since the late 1800s, of course they were nowhere near as sophisticated as their modern form.  It stared with extremely humble roots, being nothing more than bent glass tubes which were used to illuminate difficult to see areas during medical procedures.  However, in 1880 Alexander Graham [...]

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