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Step 1:

Show Your Interest

  • The most important part of the process is to hear about your interest for our service.  Taking our survey allows us to see the demand in your area, and plan for future expansions.

  • You can take the survey at the link below or by calling our office at 844-752-6736.

  • The more of your neighbors that complete the survey, the sooner we can design a zone to fit your neighborhood, and the sooner we will get fiber out to you, so reach out to them and share the survey.


Step 2:

Sign Up

  • Zones that have enough interest surveys complete will be converted to the sign-up phase.

  • Signing up is different from taking the survey, as during this phase you will choose your package, sign your contract, and pay your installation deposit. This will hold your spot and guarantee you service.

  • A sign-up goal is set for your zone and each neighborhood must reach a target number of sign ups to qualify for construction, as soon as that number is met, we will begin construction.

  • If you’re interested in fiber optic internet, it is imperative that you complete this step as soon as it’s available for you; although you may sign up at any time after the initial sign-up phase, you will be placed at the bottom of the installation queue and it could be an additional 90 days before you receive service.

  • Your contract must be signed and returned and the deposit must be received prior to you receiving installation.


Step 3:


  • Our installation team will begin building a fiber network to reach your home or business.

  • The exterior cable and network ID box will be installed on your property.

  • You will be contacted to schedule your interior installation once outside construction is complete, this process generally takes between 60 -120 days.

  • If you missed out on the initial sign-up phase, you may sign up during this phase, but you will not have the fiber installed until after all your neighbors receive theirs, which could be an additional 90 days.


Step 4:


  • Enjoy your new connection!

Interested in getting fiber optic internet? We build our network based on interest, show us yours!

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